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Content creates value

„Don´t talk about products, talk around them“. In times of exponentially growing web offers and a consequently shorter attention span of the user, it will become even more difficult in the future to stand out from the mass of providers. Yet everything would be so simple. Companies, no matter what industry, produce one thing above all else – in addition to their products – every day: stories, and stories that are exciting, useful, interesting, educational, but always worth telling. Stories that provide information about companies, their products and the people who make them.

Content creates substance – and substance always stands out.


Help build your brand and strengthen your reputation with high-quality editorial content – we produce your content and you save time and effort.

Automate the production of regular editorial content together with us so that you can fully concentrate on your product and your innovations.

Use it to explain to your target audience exactly what you do, thereby increasing trust in your brand and, in turn, in your products and services.


Whether it’s just writing articles, setting up your own company blog / medium or the complete research, preparation and publication of complex specialist topics: Together with you, we will find your suitable topics and content – tailored to budget and company size – to reach your target group with the right format and language.

Blog / Newsroom

Expand your blog and supply your readers with high-quality editorial contributions on a regular basis. Sophisticated content is shared more often and thus also increases reputation.

Professional article

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry and regularly publish professional articles with the necessary technical depth. Improve the reputation of your brand in the long term.

Whitepaper / Use Cases

Especially for more complex projects, draw on an entire team of authors and publish extended content (e.g. white papers, use cases, success stories).

Advertorials & Sponsored Posts

Save time and resources: We take care of the writing and help you publish your own sponsored content in established trade media.

Website – concept

Create consistent content for your website that addresses & excites both long-time users and new customers when redesigning or rebuilding your website.

SEO content

Improve your findability (SEO) on the web with editorial content. Those who regularly publish good content are more likely to be found and make it to page 1 more easily.

How it works

Working with our editorial team is simple and straightforward.

1. Send us a few bullet points or a loose idea of what you want to write or communicate to your target audience.

2. We research and outline a design within the shortest possible time and send you an initial proposal for revision.

3. Now we work hand in hand with you, and together we adjust the design to your further wishes and key messages.
4. Finally, we will take care of the design and illustration and publish your article in a visually appealing way.

The last contributions

We have written for many different types of publications – from sports and music to business and technology.

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