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Maximum availability of your application through regular maintenance and targeted servicing

Downtime can be frustrating and, in the worst case, can even lead to financial loss. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services, so you can focus on what’s important: The operation of your business.

Our team constantly monitors and optimizes your systems to ensure that your website, server and applications are always up to date and running smoothly.

With regular maintenance work and targeted servicing measures, we ensure that potential problems are identified and rectified at an early stage before they can lead to major breakdowns.

Auf diese Weise minimieren wir nicht nur den Aufwand für Sie, sondern sorgen auch für eine höhere Verfügbarkeit und Zuverlässigkeit Ihrer Online-Präsenz.

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Why Technical Maintenance & Support?

Security and reliability for our customers' IT systems

The technical maintenance and upkeep of our customers' online systems is of utmost importance to us. Through regular maintenance work and targeted servicing measures, we ensure that potential problems are identified and rectified at an early stage before they can lead to major breakdowns. This not only gives our customers more security, but also the assurance that their websites, associated servers and applications running on them are always up to date and functioning reliably.

The 4 columns of successful technical maintenance and servicing

1. monitoring and continuous surveillance

Close monitoring and continuous surveillance of all systems and components is an important first building block in technical maintenance and servicing. By constantly monitoring the entire IT infrastructure and applications, potential problems can thus be detected at an early stage in the event of even the smallest anomalies and quickly rectified in the event of a problem in order to avoid downtime and performance problems.

2. regular and planned maintenance work incl. associated communication

Regular and planned maintenance work is central to this in order to keep the IT systems up to date at all times and to ensure that they function optimally. This includes, for example, updating the underlying software and operating system.

In this context, it is particularly important to proactively inform all stakeholders, i.e., all persons affected by the IT systems, about planned maintenance work in advance and to alert them to possible effects. Early and transparent communication helps to avoid inconvenience and possible outages and to strengthen users’ trust in IT systems in the long term.

3. creation and management of regular backups

In addition to regularly creating backups of your data and systems, creating and managing backups also includes securely storing and managing these backups so that they can be quickly used to restore affected systems in the event of problems. The frequency of a backup is adapted individually to the requirements and needs of the IT systems on a case-by-case basis and finally stored in a decentralized location, e.g. in a central location. another data center or in the cloud.

4. quick reaction and readiness in case of problem

A contingency plan and the provision of redundant resources help to resolve outages and problems more quickly and minimize the impact of irregularities. Regular testing within our operations team ensures improved readiness in the event of a problem. It is important for us to have clearly defined processes that can react quickly to emergencies and ensure that everyone involved knows what needs to be done.

Rapid response and readiness in the event of a problem help minimize downtime and associated costs, and increase user confidence in IT systems.

Our services

Monitoring and
Continuous monitoring

Our monitoring and supervision module includes the continuous monitoring of all systems and components in order to detect possible problems at an early stage and to be able to remedy them quickly.

Maintenance and support

Our maintenance module includes regular maintenance of your application or website, e.g. updating software, frameworks, plug-ins or the operating system, as well as the associated transparent communication before and after with all stakeholders about all planned and executed maintenance work.

Emergency & Crisis Management

Our emergency and crisis management module includes the provision of redundant resources and an individual emergency plan that describes how to react in the event of a problem. In addition, we ensure that we are available either 24/7 or 5/8 depending on the agreed service level agreement, allowing us to respond quickly to emergencies and minimize downtime.

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