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With Visual Appeals - Better Not Be Stingy

Charts, infographics & illustrations: all of this has long been part of the standard repertoire of every professional website. Neurological studies leave no doubt: Images reduce complexity and have a stronger impression on the viewer than a long text and are processed by the human brain up to 60,000 times faster. Diagrams tend to have the potential to reduce complicated information and complex topics that are difficult to grasp to their core and to highlight what is most important. Since the attention span of consumers is becoming increasingly short anyway, and young people in particular are almost only aware of
If you want to communicate images (worlds), there is no way around this trend:

We help companies find the right visual language and format for their target groups and are responsible for the entire production – from the first “brush stroke” to the finished design on the website.


Work with us to create your own visual language and stand out from the competition – with expressive charts, graphics and illustrations.

Use it to expand your target group by luring and convincing suitable reference groups with visual stimuli.

Whether it’s illustration, infographics, or digital storytelling, use the potential of images to reduce complexity.


Our graphic designers have made it their business to visually represent thoughts, language and identity as well as larger company- or industry-relevant contexts by means of typography, image, color and creativity – or to “visually” convey certain content to the desired target group. Whether print or digital storytelling – many paths lead to the goal.


Illustrate complex content and show your audience exactly what you want to convey.

Infographics & Charts

Explain larger contexts easily and establish yourself as an expert in your respective field.

Digital Storytelling

Whether scrolling reportage or multimedia dossier: The art is to prepare content in an attractive way for your target group.

Print media

Do you need something “tangible”? Our specialists in design and printing of books and magazines realize it.

Corporate Design

What makes a unique brand? That its own logo, typography and imagery are unmistakable.


Moving images attract attention faster: Then you just have to score with content.

How it works

Working with our editorial team is simple and straightforward.

1. send us a graphic, a picture, a sketch or a loose idea of what we may realize for you.

2. we develop initial ideas and then send you our rough draft – often several.

3. to guarantee the realization of your idea and finalize the design, we work closely with you.
4. at the end we export the finished design to the appropriate format and take care of the publishing.

The last images / illustrations

We have written for many different types of publications – from sports and music to business and technology.

Do you have a specific request?

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