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Form meets function.
Function meets interaction

Good UX design plays a key role in application development. Only if the user experience is designed intuitively and purposefully does the message get across properly. A software product can be as sophisticated as it is “under the hood” – if no one can operate it, the potential remains unused.

For a 360-degree communications agency that thinks all strategies and concepts strictly in terms of target groups, the formation of a UX unit is the logical next step. For software to follow the principles of modern UX design, it must put the user:inside at the center – a principle that is in our DNA.

Enabling a good user experience:
How we work

Step by step towards a successful user experience

Your users have very different needs from your software. Knowing them is the most important task of modern UX design. But to create a consistent experience, UX design should be methodical and serial. Every decision takes a direct impact on the following phases. Experience in implementation and a proven framework therefore play a key role in the look and feel of your software solution.

An expert for your industry

Since all users are not the same

The needs of users vary greatly from industry to industry.  Digitization maturity, average user age, or security and privacy issues define the corridor in which the design of the user experience takes place.

Over the years, we have been able to gather experience in numerous industries: from the IT industry to the industry to “traditional” industries such as the public sector, the finance and the medical industry. The result is a set of best practices that provide a clear roadmap for new projects.

Why UX design?

Software development needs empathy

"For me, user experience means slipping into new roles again and again. Only if I anticipate user behavior correctly can I recognize potential hurdles and challenges early and in good time. Development and web design can be learned - but for the optimal UX you also need the necessary empathy to put yourself in the shoes of the user.

Our services

User Research

We use detailed target group analyses to record all relevant quantitative and qualitative parameters: From demographic factors to the level of education and the adaptation of digital technologies.


On the basis of the target group data collected, we create concrete personas that describe the specific characteristics, occupation, mobility behavior, or social integration of the potential users.


After we have created the first prototype, it is put through its paces. In this phase, we determine whether, for example, navigation paths are going nowhere and whether the user journey is consistent.


Not only the design of the UX follows a consistent methodology. We also rely on a proven mix of quantitative questionnaires and qualitative expert interviews for evaluation.

User Interface Design

Function needs the right form. We design a visual user interface that clearly addresses the aesthetic ideas of the defined personas and creates an environment they enjoy spending time in.


Usability testing

By releasing an open beta, we are gathering enough empirical data to track down and eliminate the last inconsistencies. The end result is a user experience that achieves the outlined goal.

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