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At the intersection with the target group

Together with our clients, we design user interfaces that communicate the potential of digital products to the outside world. From competitive analysis to the provision of an interactive prototype, we implement appealing and easy-to-use user interfaces that really work. With experience from IT, healthcare and industry, we combine digitization expertise with industry know-how in the design of user interfaces that precisely follow the needs and meet the expectations of users.
What covers the user interface design of Medienstürmer?

UI design and UX design: what's the difference?

Although UX and UI are now almost traditional disciplines, there are still numerous myths, confusions, but also misinterpretations within the industry.

It is relatively easy to separate the two disciplines: While user experience describes a hodgepodge of topics around the optimization of user friendliness, user interface design forms the exact counterpart: Is it exclusively about the look and feel as well as the presentation and interactivity of a digital product.
Let’s get this straight once and for all: Unlike UX, user interface design is a purely digital term. Interface only describes the point of interaction between the user and a digital device or product.

Whether it’s a cell phone touchscreen or the display of a machine (yes, even your coffee maker). UI design ensures that a product’s user interface is as intuitive as possible, with careful consideration given to each visual, interactive element that the user encounters.

DATA driven Interfaces

Of course, the UI has to look good. But the real work starts much earlier. After all, the success of a digital solution ultimately depends solely on how interactively and, above all, intuitively it is used.

The analysis of real user data plays a decisive role here..

This is because analysis tools detect those weak points in practice that no one has thought of yet in theory. Confusing navigation, link paths that go nowhere or non-functioning icons or buttons are detected in field tests and can thus be easily eliminated iteratively.

Over the years, we have been able to build up a broad wealth of experience in best practices, comparative data and industry-related information, and we are adept at using all common analytics tools.

This way, even in privacy-critical areas, we always find a way to use your user data to improve your product..

Why UX design?

Modern tools have to convince visually

"With our UI designs, we take digital experiences to the next level. We believe that B2B applications also deserve a user interface that offers the same entertaining experience as apps used privately."

Our services

Requirements engineering & conception of your application
Fully comprehensive consulting
& UI audits of existing applications.
Creation of Wireframes and layouts for a clear structuring of your content
Color and image worlds incl. typography & photography
Visual concept and style application
Useful presentation of relevant information through infographics or charts
Design and development of an individual icon set
Optimize the performance of your application through data-driven development
Responsiveness and adaptation for any notified device
Ensuring accessibility or country-specific conditions
Interactive and iterative collaboration through modern tool stack
Technical implementation in close cooperation with the customer

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