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Whether it’s a website or an application, every successful digital product starts with detailed requirements engineering. For this, the technical and logistical “requirements” must be thoroughly identified and each individual component must be checked and centrally recorded. If this is done as completely as possible, companies avoid costly mistakes and save money.

In the software context, this requirements analysis is also essential for the subsequent UI and UX design. The best communication concept is of no use if you cannot reach your target group because your products, websites or applications are not accepted or understood by the target group and do not offer the user any immediately obvious added value.

Over the course of requirement engineering, a complete documentation and structuring of all raised and finally also implemented requirements is irreplaceable: because especially in software development, where permanent maintenance and constant adaptations to e.g. new legal situations or further requirements are necessary, it must be possible for a development team to understand the work of the respective predecessor at any time, even later. This management of requirements and their adaptation is referred to as requirements management.

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Why requirements engineering?

Methodically reaching the goal

"For me, requirements engineering means anticipating all properties and disfunctionalities of an application in a strictly methodical way. Only if I correctly capture the requirements in discussion with all stakeholders involved, I can identify potential obstacles and challenges early and in time."

Felix Stürmer, Head of Requirements Engineering

Anyone tackling a digital project should first address three fundamental questions:

1. What do the stakeholders expect?

The better you know your user, the more precisely you can describe your project goal. Then it is important to elicit the capabilities and characteristics of the product in detail and identify the project stakeholders. This means a certain amount of effort at the beginning, but it also better protects you from missing the project goal.

2. How do you create maximum transparency?

In order for your website, portal or application to fully fulfil its intended use, the previously collected requirements should now be compiled in detail, analysed, documented and validated among all stakeholders.

3. Whats next?

The requirements of your project are never “set in stone”. Requirements may have to be changed and reformulated over time because user behaviour or even the legal situation have changed. Here we speak of “requirements management” as a secondary term. The more complete the initial documentation, the better this works.

At the start of the project, there is a precise analysis and goal setting
Projektbeteiligte besprechen den Plan auf dem Bildschirm
Transparency helps to identify difficulties early
Das Entwicklungsteam sitzt am Tisch und bespricht sich
Complete documentation simplifies later adjustments

Our services

Analysis &

Conducting workshops and examining any existing systems with all relevant stakeholders

Documentation &

Complete recording, structuring and joint formulation of the requirements in a central document system incl. evaluation

Management &

Continuous dynamic adaptation of the requirements to changing framework conditions in the follow-up of the development project

Good requirements engineering enables:

A more cost-efficient way to the development project


Greater success and predictability of projects at the beginning, during and after a development phase


Better conditions for further developments to be able to reference requirements that have already been recorded


deal basis, for example, for the preparation of tender documents


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