Our Values

Founded on facts


Whether editorial performance, strategic recommendation or internal evaluation, all our actions are based on sound analysis and a fact-based approach. We always strive for an independent view and take a stand even when it is difficult. We always act in the best interest of our clients, even if convincing them requires increased effort.

Customer orientation


Our goal is to exceed customer expectations whenever possible. We focus on understanding their real problems and offer customized solutions. We respond to customer requests with responsiveness and act as trustworthy and loyal business partners.


360-degree communication means bringing a high degree of multidisciplinarity to every project. That makes every task a team effort. We can only deliver top performance if we always use the full range of our skills. To achieve this, we rely on communication, coordination and transparency. Project successes are always team successes, customer criticism is always criticism of all of us. We do not point the finger at others and do not highlight ourselves as individuals when we achieve success.




To stay relevant for our clients, our work has to be relevant. Every measure we take is checked against its conformity with the communication aims of our client, and we produce our content to match the previously defined channel. We respect independent journalism and do not bug editors with irrelevant content. We only send out press releases if we find them worthy of publishing.

Further development


Our agency is a place of continuous personal and professional development. Everyone in the team pursues the goal of optimal information flow and knowledge transfer and acts accordingly. Furthermore, an additional need for individual further training can be expressed at any time. The costs of external programs are also borne by the company after a joint review of their usefulness. Approximately one continuing education program per year is considered a guideline.


We value open discussion and debate in decision-making. Once made, we stand by every decision made together and take all necessary steps to achieve the defined goal.



We are a diverse community and recognize our diversity as a strength. Heterogeneity is our hallmark. We value the perspectives and feedback of others to help us improve. We do not allow ourselves or others to judge members of our company negatively. We act with humility internally and toward our customers.


We take a position


We are “political beings” who are not closed to other opinions and always look for the “better argument”. Particularly in view of phenomena such as the ongoing information crisis, fake news, hate speech, etc., we aggressively advocate truthfulness and source fidelity, question information and check its origin. We are committed to tolerance and respect for human dignity wherever we are and whatever we do.

Hunger for technology

Digital competence is part of our self-image. When solving a task, we always look for the most efficient and innovative way. We act as digital pioneers for our customers, regularly inform ourselves about technological trends and read the relevant industry media.

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