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Achieve your goals with our software and app development solutions: State-of-the-art technologies, individual solutions

Specialized in developing user-friendly and powerful applications for different platforms, we offer broad knowledge in technologies such as PowerApps, Flutter, Vue.js, Angular, React and many more. We work closely with our customers to develop individual solutions that meet their requirements.

Discover now how we can help you optimize your business processes and achieve your goals.


Efficiency, customer loyalty and competitive advantage:
Why modern software and app solutions are indispensable.

Modern software and app solutions offer companies the opportunity to optimize their processes, improve their customer relationships and thus strengthen their market position in the long term. At Medienstürmer, we are proud to develop customized solutions that give our clients a competitive edge and help them achieve their goals. Our expertise in various technologies allows us to find the right solution for each customer. We place great emphasis on close collaboration and clear communication to create an end product that fully meets our customers' needs and requirements.

Low-Code vs. Pro-Code

Low-code / no-code platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years as they allow companies to quickly and cost-effectively create software and apps without the need for programming skills. These platforms provide a graphical user interface that allows users to create applications using drag-and-drop tools.

While low-code / no-code platforms are a good option for smaller projects with limited budget and timeframe, in many cases there is no alternative to professionally developed solutions tailored to specific business needs. Professional development languages such as Java, Python or C# offer significantly more possibilities and flexibility to develop complex and extensive applications that have to meet special requirements. In addition, professional development processes offer higher security and quality because they are designed to develop error-free, scalable and maintainable solutions.

Depending on project requirements, we use a combination of low-code / no-code platforms and professional development languages to develop customized solutions for our customers. Our experts will be happy to advise you on which approach is best suited to your project.

Our technology stack

Microsoft Power Plattform

Microsoft PowerApps is a low-code platform that enables enterprises and users to quickly and easily build custom business apps. The platform offers an intuitive user interface that allows users without extensive programming skills to create apps with minimal effort.

PowerApps offers a comprehensive set of templates and connectivity options that enable integration of data from multiple sources, including Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, and many others. The platform has powerful integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, enabling seamless integration with existing systems and collaboration with other Microsoft applications such as Power BI, Teams and Excel.


Angular is an open source framework developed by Google for web application development. It uses a component-based architecture to simplify the development of complex single-page applications. At the same time, Angular offers many useful features such as TypeScript support, an extensive CLI tool, and a large community that is constantly developing new features and extensions.

The framework is particularly suitable for the development of mission-critical applications, as its structure enables good maintainability and scalability. The integration of other technologies such as Redux or GraphQL is also possible without any problems.


Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework for developing user-friendly and interactive web applications. It is characterized by its simplicity and flexibility, and is particularly popular with developers looking for a framework that is quick and easy to learn.

The framework is based on a component-based architecture and enables easy integration of additional libraries and tools. Vue.js also supports server-side rendering, which is especially beneficial for SEO-optimized websites.


Flutter is an open source framework developed by Google for cross-platform mobile application development. With Flutter, developers can use a single code base to create apps for iOS, Android, web, and desktop. The platform uses the Dart programming language, which enables rapid development and high performance. Flutter offers a variety of widgets and tools that allow developers to create engaging and user-friendly user interfaces. In addition, Flutter offers a hot reload feature that allows developers to see and apply changes in real time without having to restart the app. This significantly shortens the development time and enables a fast iteration and feedback process.


React is an open source JavaScript framework developed by Facebook and used for developing web and mobile applications. The framework enables developers to create interactive UI components with little code, which reduces development time and improves maintainability. React is particularly popular with developers because of its modular architecture and the ability to make components reusable in other projects. In addition, React offers responsive programming and a fast rendering process, resulting in a fast and responsive user interface. React is supported by a broad developer community and is one of the most widely used technologies for web and mobile application development.

Java Enterprise

Java Enterprise is one of the most widely used technologies in enterprise software development. It is a platform based on the Java programming language that helps enterprises develop and run high-performance, scalable, and reliable applications.

Java Enterprise includes a variety of technologies and frameworks designed specifically for enterprise requirements. These include the Java Persistence API (JPA) for managing databases, the Java Message Service (JMS) for integrating applications, and Java Server Faces (JSF) for developing Web applications.

Our services in app and software development

Conception and consulting

We support you in finding ideas and advise you on the conception of your app or software. In doing so, we address your individual requirements and develop a suitable solution together with you.


We implement your app or software using modern technologies and programming languages such as Java Enterprise, Flutter, Vue.js and React. We place particular emphasis on high quality and user friendliness


We extensively test your app or software to make sure it runs smoothly and meets all requirements. We rely on automated tests and manual testing.


We support you in publishing your app or software and ensure that it is available on all relevant platforms.

Maintenance and support

We offer comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure your app or software is always up to date and running smoothly.

End-to-end development

We offer comprehensive support from conception to deployment of your app or software. In the process, we ensure that all phases mesh smoothly and that you always maintain an overview.

Our partner for complex projects: InterFace AG

InterFace AG is our long-standing partner for large and complex projects and has many years of experience and know-how in the enterprise software environment as well as in heavyweight environments. The development of enterprise software plays a particularly important role in the corporate environment as well as in the public sector, since complex and extensive applications often have to be developed here that have to meet special requirements.

InterFace AG has already successfully implemented numerous projects for well-known customers in these areas and can offer customized solutions based on its expertise and experience. But InterFace AG also has profound know-how and many years of experience in other areas of software development.

Through close cooperation, we can ensure that our customers from the corporate environment or the public sector also benefit from high-quality and individual solutions in the long term. The cooperation is characterized by an exchange based on partnership and transparent communication at eye level.

Together, we can successfully implement projects and develop forward-looking software solutions for our customers.

The four phases to successful end-to-end Apps and software development

Concept phase

In this phase, the requirements for the project are recorded and a concept is created. This also involves deciding which technologies and development approaches are to be used.


Design and development phase

In this phase, the project is concretely implemented. The developers work on programming the application and the design is created and implemented.


Testing phase

In this phase, the developed applications and software are thoroughly tested to find and fix bugs and vulnerabilities. Various test methods are used to ensure that the application meets the requirements and standards.


Deployment and maintenance

Once the project has been successfully tested, it will be deployed and published. Maintenance of the application ensures that it will continue to function safely and smoothly in the future. Updates and enhancements are made as needed to keep the application up to date.


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