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Do your customers, employees or business partners know who you are, what you have to offer and most importantly:
What makes you different from others?

Individual and unique images will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and as a result to better stand your ground in the market.

In addition to the classic website, it is becoming increasingly important these days to present the company to the outside world through authentic photography in social media as well.

The change in job profiles, the breaking up of old structures and the development from an industrial to a knowledge society require a new visual language in business photography.

Our goal is therefore to paint a picture of the modern working world – authentic, sustainable and innovative.

Authentic work situations

Consumers today are more enlightened than ever and at the same time sustainably saturated by the daily presence of floods of images.
Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to produce authentic and relevant images.

To achieve this, we therefore always pay attention to a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere during shootings and always try to actively involve all participants in the process.

This is the only way to create real moments that reflect your company and corporate culture.

Meetings and interviews

Meetings, discussions and interviews are part of every company’s daily routine and make up a large part of management activities. Thus, these motifs are always part of a comprehensive company portrait.

Convey a positive mood, constructive conversations, stimulating discussions and visually appealing premises of your company.

Architecture images

An appealing company portrait includes architectural photos of your company buildings or premises. An exterior shot with luminous windows or atmospheric perspectives inside your building represents the size of your company.

Use architectural images in your company presentations or website to give customers an impression of your working environment.

Production steps

Valuable for your target group are authentic insights into your value creation or development process, if you are an industrial company or handicraft business.
Menschen möchten sehen was passiert und einen Eindruck davon bekommen wie Ihre Produkte entstehen.
Especially handmade steps and atmospheric details attract attention and give a positive feeling.

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