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Learn how to do it yourself

Whether it’s generating leads, branding, or building reach. Achieving these goals is often only possible at great financial and personnel expense. By using internal resources wisely and building up know-how in a targeted manner, tangible results can be achieved with just a few resources. In our content workshops, we teach our customers the necessary basics for the most important tools and instruments around the broad field of “content marketing”.

First and foremost is the creation and preparation of content. Of course, the format of the presentation must fit the target audience. However, the functionality of analysis tools or advertising media such as Google Analytics or Google Ads also drives the visitors of our workshops. Whether product texts, journalistic (technical) articles, SEO concepts, image series or moving images – in our workshops we always teach the basics of techniques, application and programs.

In doing so, you lay the foundation for strategically sustainable marketing that focuses on qualitative content.


Save money and use your in-house potential: Learn in our workshops the necessary know-how to create content on your own and distribute it properly.

Learn important basics about the relationship between SEO and content marketing. They thus improve their digital communication and become less dependent on agencies.

Google Analytics provides important information about the success of their website. Google Ads gets you more traffic. But do you know how to do it? We are happy to improve your tool competence.

Our workshops

In our workshops, you will learn the basics of successful content marketing from A to Z. You will not only learn how to create content, but also how to distribute it in a channel-appropriate way. Here you can see a selection of popular workshops. We are also happy to develop a seminar for you along your needs. Just ask.

Content Marketing

Learn the basics here about your presence on the World Wide Web and what content really makes sense.

Public relations

In this module, learn how to create a press distribution list & set the right tone to get published.

Social Media

In this workshop, learn what social media is out there and how to approach it in a way that’s appropriate for the channel.

Writing Workshop

Afraid of the white sheet? There are methods for each form of presentation, which we will be happy to teach you.

Photo/Video Production

Today, a photo or video can be taken quickly with any smartphone. If you know how, you can stand out from the crowd.

Graphic design

Tools like Photoshop or Indesign may be daunting at first, but you’ll quickly learn the basics.


SEO is an extremely broad field. If you want to approach it sensibly, you should first understand the basics.

Google Analytics

A powerful tool that gives you a closer look at your visitors’ behavior. We teach you to read the data correctly.

Google Ads

You can pay Google for a good ranking. But every click costs more if the ads are faulty.

Wie es funktioniert

Die Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Redaktionsteam ist einfach und unkompliziert.

1. send us a request in which area you or your employees would like to be specifically trained.

2. we will tell you what options and modules we offer in the field you have requested.

3. either you book a specific workshop or we develop a customized training.
4. from our workshop you or your employees will take away both valuable knowledge and useful documentation.

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