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Medienstürmer helps organizations build and implement a sustainable communications strategy. Together with our customers, we plan the appropriate editorial content and ensure that it reaches the target group. Whether text or image, static or moving, informative or catchy:

We tell your story in the right format.


We think communication holistically. Whether it’s a blog post, editorial (technical) article, photo production, whitepaper, chart, infographic, (video) tutorials, social media content, UI / UX navigation concept or an entire reportage – when implementing your communication strategy, we take every form of presentation into account to achieve the optimal effect.

Development & Operations

Based on a detailed requirements engineering, we develop complex CMS, e-commerce and
VR solutions, support collaboration and RPA environments, host and operate developed applications and help you with an all-round carefree package to the long-term success of your digital project.


Every successful campaign starts with a “why”. Every line of text, every minute of video, and every snippet of code is embedded in a consistent strategy that considers every step from conception to execution to evaluation.


Our expertise

Technology / IT

Medical / Healthcare

Industrial Products & Services

Financial Services

Our skills


Without a well thought-out strategy, no line is drawn & no line is written in our company. Before we start a project, we have thought it through 1000 times in our heads.


With a large portion of manpower, years of experience and the necessary perseverance, we always implement unconventional and individual projects for our customers.


With a high level of tool expertise, experience with state-of-the-art software and the necessary openness to new ideas, we ensure fast results as well as high efficiency and transparency.

Companies & Customers


Current articles, important dates and news from inside the agency.

13. April 2023
The content management market has developed rapidly in recent years and with it the choice of CMS (Content Management System) solutions. Today, organizations are faced with the decision of whether to use a traditional CMS or a headless CMS.
26. March 2023
Even in 2023, there are numerous innovations in SEO ranking factors to watch out for. Changing user behavior continues to require keeping up with current SEO trends to stay at the top of Google. Especially operators of online stores who want to provide adequate content on their topics are challenged. We explain which ranking factors are particularly important in 2023 and how you can benefit from them.
18. March 2023
Choosing the right technology and approach to app development is critical to creating the most value for customers and users. Both low-code platforms and classic pro-code approaches play an important role here.

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