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360° communication that leaves a mark

Medienstürmer supports organisations in setting up and implementing a sustainable communications strategy. In close collaboration with our clients, we deliver high quality  content from planning to production and ensure that it reaches the appropriate target group. No matter if static or moving, informative or catchy, through text or image:

We tell your story in the right format.


PR / Press

Press relations that provide relevant information about the latest developments increase trust in your brand and serve to build your customer relations in the long term.


We develop suitable strategies and comprehensive SEO concepts for your company to achieve sustainable, optimal positions in your ranking.

Digital Solutions & Web Development

With distinctive language & expressive images, we design and develop your web presence that really turns your company into a strong brand.


Social Media

We support you in running your own social media channels, develop suitable strategies & tonality guidelines as well as establish smooth editorial routines.


Our sectors

Tech / IT

Software – Cloud – Open Source – Security
B2B – B2C


Hospitals – Nursing industry – Research
B2B – B2C

Financial Services

Passive investment forms/ ETFs
B2B – B2C



We help you with identifying relevant topics, speak directly with experts from the specialist departments, create and place your content in a visually appealing way.

Video production

The trend towards moving images is stronger than ever. We help you tell your stories through captivating videos – from planning to production to post-production.

Graphic design

Explaining complex issues with charts, illustrations or infographics often leaves a deeper impression on viewers.



Whether it’s portrait photos of your employees for your website or elaborate event photography – we take care of planning & (post) production for you.


Our strengths


Without a well thought-out strategy, no line is drawn & no line is written. Before we start with a project, we have thought it through 1000 times in our heads.


Through manpower, years of experience and the necessary perseverance, we always implement unconventional and individual projects for our customers.


Versed in working with the necessary tools, experienced with state-of-the-art software and with the necessary openness to new ideas, we ensure fast results as well as high efficiency and transparency.


Strategy Consulting

In the competition for attention, your content is at the center of an effective communication strategy. We support you in your shaping your communication that fits your channels and your target groups.

Content Workshops

In our content workshops, we teach you the basics of content marketing that you need to know right now: Google Ads? SEO? Social Media? Public relations? Video? Or something? Just ask!

Project Management

Well-designed project management requires not only the right tools but also an efficient and continuous approach. We are at your side in every phase your project.


Companies & Customers


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